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Blog du Festival des arts et des sciences du lycée international St Denis

Delegation n°5: Russia

23 Mars 2014, 13:14pm

Delegation n°5: Russia

State School #30 welcomed its first students in September 1943. Since 1958, the school provides a high quality education in French. Although it remains in its original building, the school keeps on developing itself. Today we can say it is a one-of-its-kind school, thanks to the involvement of the teachers and the whole educational team, who are always looking for new activities. The school now also admits students from high school in which English is the second mandatory language, a wide range of courses, a solid educational team and strong traditions. Each year, more and more students are applying although the school’s capacity requires limiting the number of new students. Nowadays, the school aims to train young people to become specialists in economical and social questions thanks to the skills learnt at the school.

The symbol of the oak-tree represents wisdom. It is the secrets’ keeper that had been confided to the all-knowing druids. On this tree, protecting under its branches the one who are eager to learn, is suspended a chest. The gothic letter L is the initial of the Latin word lingua, which means the language. We can see the words of famous roman philosopher Sinecure: “docendo discimus”, “by teaching we learn”.

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