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Delegation n°3: Spain

7 Mars 2014, 15:47pm

Publié par Romane

Today we are happy to present you our last partner in the Comenius project, IES As Lagoas, situated in Ourense, Spain.

Delegation n°3: Spain

IES As Lagoas is an urban public secondary school with most of its students coming from nearby areas. The school focuses not only on preparing its pupils for the university entrance exam, which gives them the possibility to continue academic studies at university, but also offers a programme for vocational education (PCPI).

A distinguishing feature of our school, in comparison with other secondary schools in our town, is that we offer a bilingual programme in English in some subjects, above all Music, Ethics and Philosophy. In addition we are the only secondary school in Ourense town and province with German as a 2nd foreign language, taking into account that it is quite unusual to find a secondary school offering a 2nd foreign language other than French.

We have hosted foreign language assistants for several years. We also have a group of teachers and students working together in a “mediation programme”, the aim of which is to find solutions for the conflicts arising from our everyday life at school. Moreover, students with special needs have special lessons in smaller groups to reinforce and support their aptitudes and skills.

In addition our school has an internal project known as the “proxecto lector”. This activity is lead by a group of teachers in collaboration with the library. The aim of the project is to enable students to develop their reading and discussion skills through participation in meetings where they share their opinions about books which they have chosen and read beforehand.

Our school is well-known for its activities which include study trips to different European countries, extracurricular activities such as sports, theatre and music groups, as well as COMENIUS projects.

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