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Blog du Festival des arts et des sciences du lycée international St Denis

Comenius Project

, 07:30am

Since its very beginning, the Festival of Arts and Sciences has been part of the Comenius Project. This initiative is held by the European Union. It is part of the European exchange programme Socrates launched in 2002 which is incorporated in the framework of a huge educational exchange programme.

Actors of the projects are as well as externs and interns. Not only the educational team, teachers and students are part of the project, but also actors from outside the school such as private actors or NGOs.

The aim for us is to increase the quality of our teaching, to strengthen the European and international dimension, and to promote the learning of languages.

For our school St Denis, that had previously special links with a German school, it means that thanks to the festival, two other schools from Spain and Italy joined our project. Each year it becomes more and more important and this year we are proud to present you our projects. We habe worked on links between sciences, art and new tehnologies. 

Visit the website of our partnership here: http://cultureandscience.european-briefcase.de