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Blog du Festival des arts et des sciences du lycée international St Denis

Delegation n°5: Russia

23 Mars 2014, 13:14pm

State School #30 welcomed its first students in September 1943. Since 1958, the school provides a high quality education in French. Although it remains in its original building, the school keeps on developing itself. Today we can say it is a one-of-its-kind...

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Le Festival dans la presse

22 Mars 2014, 16:41pm

Par La Nouvelle République

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Delegation n°4: Poland

22 Mars 2014, 13:02pm

Siemacha Association is a place where every young person will find something for themselves. Education, sports, therapy - here are our goals. Our registered office is located in Krakow - the former capital of Polish, but the facilities are in various...

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Le Festival choisi pour représenter la France!

15 Mars 2014, 16:24pm

Publié par Romane

Le festival a été désigné comme représentant de la France en compétition pour le prix Charlemagne! Pour information, "Le prix Charlemagne pour la jeunesse européenne vise à encourager le développement d'une conscience européenne parmi les jeunes, ainsi...

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Delegation n°3: Spain

7 Mars 2014, 15:47pm

Publié par Romane

Today we are happy to present you our last partner in the Comenius project, IES As Lagoas, situated in Ourense, Spain. IES As Lagoas is an urban public secondary school with most of its students coming from nearby areas. The school focuses not only on...

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