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Delegation n°10: Bulgaria

27 Mars 2014, 16:50pm

Publié par Romane

Delegation n°10: Bulgaria

Center for Creative Training

Center for Creative Training Association (CCTA) is a non-profit association, established with the aim to work for a change in the field of education and training – a change to practical education which effectively masters key competencies and helps learners to enhance their potential for successful professional and social realization.

CCT activities are focused on lifelong learning and youth activities, as well as on introducing a holistic approach in the general education: an approach that addresses synchronically the physical, Mental and social aspects of the learner’s personality.

The CCTA team is IT oriented, with strong belief in creative education. CCTA is successfully cooperating with the National LLP Agency (Bulgaria), The National Youth in Action Agency, the Sofia Municipality, the institute for Psychology in the Academy of Sciences and many other institutions, involved as associated partners in the current proposal.

CCTA formed a team with proven specialists and young colleagues (total staff 8) and is carrying on independently its activities. It is also well connected to organizations providing internships, scholarships and entrepreneurship trainings for youngsters. Like BASSCOM and Junior Achievement - Bulgaria


The first rehearsal of the Radiokids vocal group took place in November 1990, and since then a motley crew of girls and boys aged five to 12 visit the building of the Bulgarian National Radio. The little singers are very popular around the whole of Bulgaria. Until present, they have eight issued albums altogether. The group was awarded the Special prize for performance in the radio competition Sing with Us. The kids participated in the international competition Children’s Disk under the patronage of the Youth Meets Europe program and also in the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of UNICEF. Radiokids vocal group traditionally takes part in the New Bulgarian Music annual review. In the beginning of October 2007, the group participated in the Joy of Europe festival in Belgrade, where the group staged four concerts. In December 2010 Radiokids performed a Christmas concert, which was broadcasted live by 16 countries members of EBU. In May and June 2011 the group took part in a National tour in the largest cities in Bulgaria. In July 2012 Radiokids had a concert tour in Latvia and had a meeting with the famous Latvian composer Raimund Pauls.

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